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Tina1978 - July 6

Please help me.. When is the best time to get pregnant. I am desperate.. It just isnt happening for us. We are both 27 years old and healthy. Can you help me please!!! When do you usually ovulate. Is it right after your period? I am getting different information from different sources and they both say 2 different things.HELP


kc - July 6

most women ovulate around 14 days before their next cycle is to start. You can get ovulation preditor kits that let you know 24 to 36 hours before you ovulate. Your most fertile time is the two days and the day you ovulate. Good luck.


Amber - July 6

Hi Tina,
Try this might help you.


Kelly - July 6

If you don't know much about getting pregnant I highly recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. You can find it in any bookstore or buy it online. It educates you on the whole process so you can really begin to "take charge" and for me it helped me figure out I needed a fertility specialist to help do the trick.



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