help me get pregnant
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chardonay - November 7

me and my husband have been havin unprotected sex for 2yrs with no joy of concieving...has any1 got any tips or advice plz


K - November 7

You need to see a dr. There is something not right. And it could be easily fixed. No one on here could tell you anything different. There is no quick fix from this site.


Mega - November 7

Get your DH tested. There could very well be male issues & a SA is a very simple, inexpensive test. Also, have you been doing anything other than just having unprotected sex? Have you charted your temps? BBT's can tell you when you're ovulating, even if you're ovulating, etc. That's another good first step. Good luck!


helen - November 8

see a dr, but make sure its one you trust who will listen to u. you may need to have some blood tests done.ask for 21 day pregestorine levels to see if you are ovulating. good luck x



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