help ladies can anybody answer this
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kefy - July 25

hey ladies i have a prob, im spossed to ovulate around 23-26, july, so ive been having sex everyday of the week and tdy i feel cramps in my tummy and its juss a bit irritaig im not so sure if its a tummy ache or have i ovulated??? i have a terrible headachi and im sposeed to have my AF on the 7th of august


nancy - July 25

maybe the cramps that you feel is a sign of ovulation, there are a lot of women who experience cramping during ovulation.


taneka - July 25

I guess we are ovulating at the same time I am supposed to ovulate around the 24-27 and my AF on the 8th when I ovulate I often get cramps so that might be what is going on I have ran across alot of woman that cramp during ov. so to answer your question this can be normal


kimmie - July 25

i get cramping associated with ovulation is normal my gyno said. not all women get it but it is common...good luck with dust for all us wanting a baby....kimmie


kefy - July 26

thx a lot guys hey ladies thx a lot, i juss hope this month will be my month i really need a baby taneka keep me posted girl were sailing in the same boat!!!!! gud luck to yall and lots of baby dust too



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