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beth - February 6

hi...have been on here a few times...and need a bit of your expert advise...I am 42...had a miscarriage in period resumed and everything has been normal..i have been using the fertility monitor too.
I have my peak days and everything there is ok.
I didn't have a period in January, have sore/tender breasts...heartburn. I took a preg test and was negative? any suggesgtions..thoughts. thanks in advance. =)


Mega - February 6

Hi Beth. Sorry about your recent m/c. When in Jan. were you due for AF? Could you have tested early? Both of those are good PG signs, but they can also be impending AF signs. Confusing & frustrating, isn't it?! I'd suggest though getting a beta test done b/c sometimes blood tests pick up HCG whereas HPTs don't. Good luck! Keep us posted.


beth - February 6

hi..thanks for your quick resonse Mega! AF was due Jan 24th...but no other breasts are waaaay more tender than usual...guess i best call my doctor. should I hpt test again this week?


Oprah - February 6

Maybe your about to start menopause or periomenopause.



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