HELP is this my af?
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andrea21 - August 19

I can do with a little advice right about now - my period was due today(saturday) I started to have spotting on tuesday morning then I had laparoscopy surgery on wednesday still spotted on thursday and friday but it looked kindof watery, today the flow looks slightly heavier but its still not red it looked watery a light shade of pink - my question is, is this my real period or a result from my surgery?
My doctor wants us to try on our own natually this cycle after removing a tubal blockage and doing a little ovarian drilling
(she only made 2 holes in each ovary) which I really hope it works this cycle but I was thinking about taking clomid also this cycle to increase our chances more - we had already filled my prescription before and I would hate for all that money to go to waste.
Thank you in advance
BABYBUST !!!! I hope we all get a postive ...



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