Help! Is 6.5million washed swimmers enough?
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eden - February 4

I went for my first IUI last Friday. My dh's sperm was 6.5 million after the wash. The motility is good, but 20 million is the average, so what are the chances of these numbers being successful? He has been taken all the vitamins recommended, but new sperm won't be made for 72 days I have been told. I had three ripe follicles and am on 100mg of clomid. I hope this works.......


Chas - February 4

I wish you all the luck in the world !!!
My dh's SA came back with 13 million and all the other stuff was normal. I am hoping and praying we can conceive naturally. 6.5 million... you would think that would be enough !!! GOOD LUCK :)


dea - February 5

Hi EDEN: DH and I tried an IUI with only 3.5 million. It wasn't successful but I wasn't on any meds either. As DH and I always say (and my dr. too, thank God!) "It only takes one!" Best of luck to you..... ~~DUST~~


Elyse - February 5

Eden, my docs always tell me the same thing - 5 to 10 mill with good motility (the closer to 100% the better) is enough to work. Good luck!


JPN - February 5

My dh and I are going to have the first IUI this month. My DH's semen analysis came back with 3 million and 50% motility. I was devastated but my RE told us that we still have a chance to get conceived even naturally. So I believe that you guys have a good chance to get PG. Good luck to you and keep us posted.


Eden - February 5

Thanks for your information. I have five more days until I go to the RE for my blood test. Unfortunately I have the familiar cramping, bloatedness I get before my AF. I am trying to keep optimistic, but the feeling is too familiar. Does anyone know anything about a displaced uterus? This is my own self-diagnosis, but I have pelvic pressure throughout my cycle... not painflul just uncomfortable. Whenever I bring it up to the RE or doctors, they don't seem too concerned, and chalk it up to my cycle.


Elyse - February 6

I think if you had a displaced uterus, SOMEBODY would have seen it in an ultrasound already. Don't overthink stuff - it'll make you crazy. I have lots of pelvic pain during some of my cycles, especially when I am on the fert drugs.


Leilani14 - February 6

Hi! Eden I think you are confusing prewash count with postwash count. Normal prewash concentarion is 20mil/ml and with normal volume of 2ml the total normal sperm count is 40mil. After the sperm washing is done in that way that it takes most mobile sperm from the sample. Also your uterus can tahe only small volume (I think 0.5ml) so it is normal that washed sperm total count is lower than normal prewash. I also found stats that the best range for IUI is 5-10mil, les than 5 decreases IUI chances, but it is still not imposible, more than 10 mil doesn't seam to increase the chances. I wouls say you are just where you need to be to have best chances to concieve. Lot's of baby dust for you.



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