HELP i really want to start a family!!
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Anny - November 7

i recently got married to my boyfriend of 5yrs and we have been trying for 4months to get pregnant but havent succeded. iv read several articles on how you can be pregnant and not know it and even still have your period od not have morning sickness because i have a few friends that became pregnant but didnt know it until they were maybe 3months or so. we really want to start a family but i dont know know whats happening. we really want to start a family and it breaks my heart everytime my husband asks me did u get your period. i want to say no honey im pregnant finally but it all seems so far away and im scared..lately iv been getting lots of headaches and feeling really tired and sleepy everyday all day but i dont know i could be just stressed! please help me!!


luvmyliluns - November 7

Hi, I am not sure what you are looking for. You might be pregnant, you might not. 4 months is not a really long time to be trying. I have been TTC for almost 6 years. So in my unprofessional opinion....Buy this book....Taking Control Of Your Fertility. It is the best book you will find and it will be useful even after you have a baby. Follow the book...start taking your temperature with a special thermometre, check your cervical fluid and chart your could figure out if there is a problem all on your own (maybe you dont ovulate) charting will help you figure it out. MOST IMPORTANTLY......DO NOT let anyone pressure you...Stress does play into TTC. Enjoy your baby making...cuz take it from me once baby gets there you will have to find inventive ways to 'get some' before the baby needs you. lol. Good luck.


Anny - November 7

lol..thank you sweety but iv taken those home ovulating test thingy and i am ovulating lol


Anny - November 7



marhar7106 - November 7

were you on bc before you started trying to conceive? That could certainly have something to do with it if you were because it can take 3 months or more after stopping birth control to be able to conceive. I don't know if that helps or not, but just something to consider.


Anny - November 7

i havent been on BC for almost a yr. now! :(


slowpoke01 - November 7

anny the timing of intercourse is really important. they say to have intercourse 2 or 3 days before you ovulate up until like 2 days after you ovulate to increase your chances. my doc said that a "normal" couple with no problems only has like a 25-30% chance of getting pregnant each month, so sometimes even timing being off just a little can affect your chances. my doc also said that most "normal" couples it can take up to a year for them to get pregnant. by "normal" i mean a couple where there is nothing wrong with either the male or the female. have you had any testing done? if your tubes are blocked then even the best timing of intercourse wont help. i would suggest having hsg dye test if you havent already. most docs wont even consider fertility treatments unless you have been trying for a year. you could always say that you have been trying for a year since you got off birth control a year ago and they would see you. stress can really affect your chances of getting pregnant so try not to stess too much. how old are you if you dont mind me asking? if you are in your 20's alot of docs will dismiss it and say well you are young you still have plenty of time. if you really think that there is something wrong with you i would suggest that you see a doctor. i believe that a woman knows her body and knows when something isnt right. good luck to you though. i wish you the best.-jamie



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