Help: I need to get pregnant
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Charisse Mae - November 28

Three years ago, my husband and I planned to get pregnant, Certainly, I easily got pregnant for the first time. Since we want more children, I got pregnant again on December last year but I had an unfortunate miscarriage early January this year. Since then, we are trying again to have a baby but to no avail. We even strictly followed my ovulation period to begin with including proper diet and exercise to complement my health. How come I have difficulty getting pregnant this time?


Sharon - November 28

Charisse Mae - I'm having some trouble too. I don't understand it and it's really messing with me emotionally and psychologically. I'm just at the edge of giving up completely and just washing my hands clean of having a baby. All this thinking and charting and blah blah blah is taking it's toll on me. I feel like I'm doing more damage to myself then good. I'm doing a little research on my own and I am really curious as to what month you concieved in your first pregnancy and if it was a normal full term pregnancy? Let me know because my wheels are turning in my head. Thanks


Mega - November 28

Unfortunately, secondary infertility, as they call it, isn't that uncommon. I've known plenty of people who have no problem conceiving their 1st, but have a ton of trouble with the 2nd. I on the otherhand, am still working on #1. I know it's tough. Hang in there. I know it's small consolation, but you're not alone, Charisse Mae! :)


Charisse Mae - November 29

Thanks. I conceived January '03 for my 1st pregnancy, and it was normal full term pregnancy.



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