Help! I messed up my shots! #@#$!
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Amysince70 - February 27

Ok, so I started 10 of Lupron last week and last night was my first night for Follistim and Menopur and down to 5 lupron. I had to do them in the bathroom at work and they went fine. Then I woke up today, prepared and executed all of my injections...when I realized that I just gave myself an extra dose of Lupron in the morning! Has anyone ever done this? I'm wondering if I should skip tonights dose or just keep going? I can't believe I did that.


Mega - February 27

That's a tough one esp. since Lupron is a suppression drug. This early in game I doubt it's a big deal though. Definitely call your nurse today though & see what they recommend. Normally skipping a dose isn't a good thing, but it might okay in this case. But do call your clinic, IVF schedules are too regimented & too important. Good luck! And don't worry you're definitely not the first nor last to do something like that.



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