Help, I'm afraid my hubbys sperm dont get pass my cervix
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acklyn - October 24

I have pcos and i am on both clomid and metformin which i have been ovulating on the clomid - but still not pregnant after 4cycles of clomid, my husband did a sperm test which came back normal - but when we have intercourse when he is about to spill his seed he goes slower and i am afraid his sperm dont get pass my cervix. Can someone please please help/any advice? Babydust to all ttc


stacy - October 24

did u tell ur doc about that. But i dont think his sperm didnt go into cervix as when he ejaculate inside there is no way going out , iuse pillow below my hips also


me - October 25

Talk to your RE. Going slower will not affect whether or not your hubbys sperm will reach the cervix. If they are normal, they shold not ahve any problems reaching it. Your cm may not be the easiest to get through, so artificial insemination is another option for you if your dr feels that the sperm is not getting through due to the cm. Talk to him and see what your options are. Good luck!


for acklyn - October 25

if you are not over 35 years old dont worry until you try a little longer. Start taking your bbt and checking cervix and mucous and if there is a problem often times your chart will show it. you can also go for a post coital test which will tell you if there are live sperm in your mucous or if your mucous killed them. If his sperm are good with good motiltiy they know how to find your cervix. Best postion for you is missionary with your knees up by your ears as he is coming, put your butt up on a pillow for 10-15 minutes and chill out while lying there.


sherry - October 26

i think this could be my problem to. maybe i have hostile mucus or something. i never found this out for sure, however i did get pregnant on my first round of clomid/ iui. have you considered doing an iui? it gets the sperm passed the cervix, and right by the uterus. we are ttc again, and if i don't get preggo within the year we will go that route again. good luck, it is a possible problem


* - October 27

i have pcos and same thing with my dh. found out that his sperm is great but not reaching my cervix due to slow motility. we have been told ivf is our only option of having a child.


acklyn - October 29

well i have an appointment with my doctor on 7th/11, to talk about having an HSG test done to find out if my tubes or blocked or anything before i go ahead with using more fertility drugs - if the test comes back sayin my tubes are not blocked -which to God i pray it isn't , - then we are going ahead to consider IUI - which hopefully it wont be that expensive(don't have health insurance). By the way i'm 20. have been trying to have a baby for more than a year now without any luck. Babydust to all ttc...


To acklyn - October 29

Have your hubby take 1000 mg of Vitamin C a day. You can get 100 tablets for 3 bucks at Walmart. Give that a shot and see if that works. If you want I will send you the bottle of Male Fertility Blend that we have. My hubby took only a couple, and then one day he threw up after taking them and refuses to take them since. LOL If I quit taking every med that ever made me sick, boy would I be in bad shape! Ha, ha! I have read a lot of good things about the fertility blend and the Vitamin C. Email me if you want the Fertility Blend. [email protected]


One other thing - October 29

Try using the lubricant preseed. Clomid is known for drying out your cervical mucus.


RR - November 5

This is going to sound like TMI but my dh doesn't really go inside of me like I think that he is supposed to during intercourse. I still climax but I am confused. He is the only guy I have ever been with and so I was wondering if anyone could tell me, is he supposed to be going in deep like when the RE does a transvaginal u/s and uses the probe? I have PCOS and have been on fert. drugs for a year now so I am getting desperate. HELP!



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