Help,husband has low sperm count
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val - August 15

My husband has a low sperm count and low motility. We have been ttc for 10mos. with no luck. Any ideas? Any advice? Anyone else in the same situation?


For Val... From armywife - August 15

Hi Val... Low sperm count and low motility does not mean that you can not get pregnant. You still have options. Not only can you still get pregnant but you have a better chance of getting pregnant then if he has no motility. I have a friend whose husband has low motility and low sperm count and she is now about 8wks. pregnant. Her and her husband were doing IUD for about a year. She got pregnant 2 twice. The first time unfortunately resulted in a m/c but now the second time things are looking great. U have a few options. You can try natural with your husband conserving his sperm count up until about 3 days before you ovulate and then have him "clean out the pipes" so to speak. You can do IUD or IVF. IUD is a great option for couples with low sperm counts and low motility. If i am correct also, i do beleive that there are some meds out there are well that will help your husband. You should go see a fertitlity specialist and they can help you and your husband with your options. Alot of other men have this condition and just remember that it is a delicate subject and it does affect their egos.


Val - August 15

Thanks for your input. We actually want to keep things as natural as possible. Our opinion is that if it doesn't happen naturally, I guess it wasn't meant to be. We don't personally believe in spending all of that money on either IUD, IVF or fertility drugs just to MAYBE have it work.We are looking for more natural methods, either meds or something along those lines that will increase the sperm.Any one else personally going through the same thing that can give any advice?


Cee Bee - August 16

We have just found out DH has low morphility (I think?) which is odd shape or something?? So we have been told to consider ICSI through IVF (same process as IVF but they inject the egg with sperm as opposed to letting them fertilise themselves). But - we are also going to see a naturopath - have you considered a naturopath or chinese dr? Apparently accupuncture can be a great help....good luck


to cee bee - August 18

what can the acupuncturist due for low motility? my dh has it too. we were told to try a few more natural cycles and then try iui for a few cycles.


merlee - August 19

2 yrs ago my DH had a sperm count of 25 mil and 60% motility (Not the best). Below 40 mil is not great, but below 20 mil. is considered infertile. Normal motility is >60% He took 500 mg Vit C and 40mg Zinc every day. After 3 months, his count was 40 mil. with 85% motility. He has been slacking off this last year about taking his vitamins (male ego) and last week we had him tested again. His count is down to 18.5 mil and 60% motility. He has no problem taking any vitamins I give him now. It takes about 3 months to see results. You could google "herbs for sperm count". There are lots of opinions about the best vitamins and supplements to take to enhance sperm count and motility, but I thought vit C and zinc was easy enough. Good Luck and let us know the results.


isa - August 19

hb just diagnosed with 31% motility. doc has suggested he take stresstab z-bec (zinc, mulitiple b's, vit e and vit c) in it. Its an over the counter vitamin. Don't know what it will do but certainly cant hurt.


Amanda - August 19

My DH also has a low sperm count of 4 million. I read an article that was just released this month that states that taking both folic acid and zinc increases a mans count by 76%. Needless to say he is now taking both. Good luck and Baby Dust!


merlee - August 19

How much do you pay for the Z-Bec? I looked it up on the web but I didn't see a price. Where can you get it?, besides online?


to merlee - August 19

from isa i got it at zellers (canadian kmart type store in the pharamcy ) and paid under $14.00


to merlee - August 19

its "stresstab z-bec" it comes up when you google it. Stresstab is part of the word. hope that helps


Kimberly - August 20

I'm having to same problem have you found a cure? You see I have had 3 pregnancies before all full term, then I met the man of my dreams and now We can't seem to get pregnant......If you find a cure could you please help us. The one thing in life I would love to give my husband is immortality though our own baby.....even though he loves my sons as if they were his.....please help if you find a cure....


Jen - August 20

Try this
Also Zinc, vit C
He needs to wear boxers only, not hot tubs or hot showers
Lots of fruits and veggies
Someway to de-stress like meditation
Good luck! It can happen!


to jen - August 21

dh destress yeah right he suffers from anxiety and panic disorders. He's trying but nothings helping him (yet)


leonia - August 22

studies have proved that men taking 1000mg of vitamin C daily has shown improvement in sperm count,motilty,and thinner semen.(makes it easier for the sperm to swim through) in just one week. in order for men to get all the vitamins they need they should take a multi vitamin and a vitamin c daily.from the article i read it says to continue until pregnancy occurs.good luck all ttc.


Sue - August 24

I had read that folic acid and zinc helps too. My husband was tested after 16 months ttc & we found that he was just below the normal count, I got him started on the folic and zinc straight away and we were pregnant 6 weeks later. I'm not sure if the pregnancy occured because of this but it certainly didn't hurt!!!!


dear val - August 24

just got back from a visit with my family md and asked him about what to do about getting pg with a low motility and sperm count and this was his suggestion for having sex:
make sure your on your back with legs bent up towards your shoulders, (like your knees kinda at your ears),butt pretty much in the air and your dh pressing his arms on your legs to hold them up. When he orgasms his sperm should be right at your cervix for optimum affect. He also to have a penis at least 4 inches (sorry if tmi) long (i think thats the only part we are ok on ) and make sure dh if he is long to be careful as he could hurt you in this position if he thrusts too hard. hope this helps ladies



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