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irini - June 1

I am trying for a baby, but i have a long cycle of 42-44 days, i dont know how to calculate my ovulation days...please any ideas? I will be waiting girls...thanks alot


irini - June 1

pleaseeeeee, i need help, i will be waiting, thanks


Drew - June 1

Hi irini! You usually ovulate around cd 14. There are some signs your body gives you though. Your cervical mucas usually becomes very slippery and will stretch between your fingers. It usually looks similar to egg whites. Some women get pains - not too bad, but usually on one side of your abdomen. You can also chart your bbt: basal body temperature. Usually when your temp spikes its a good sign of ovulation. You can buy a basal thermometer in the pharmacy, usually in the family planning section, then go to family planning web sites to make a chart. Then there are ovulation predictor kits. They can be kinda pricey, but usually are very helpful. Those too can be found in the family planning section of the pharmacy too. Its kinda confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it you shouldnt have a problem. Good luck, hope this helps!


irini - June 1

thanks a lot Drew. i am afraid if its difficult to have a baby because my cycle its so long.What do you think?


Drew - June 1

That definatly could be a challenge. I would say talk to your doctor. I had problems like this then I found out that I had polycystic ovarian syndrome. Pcos for short. There are medications that can help you ovulate and make your cycles shorter and more regular. Get checked though, there can be a number of reasons for infertility.


Milissa - June 1

I have been like that for along time!! and I have a 3 year old so it can happen (pregnant). The only thing that can help someone like you and me is an OPK. If you have a dollar tree they sell them there CHEAP to or any dollar store. Just to let ya have a clue I O around cd 22 to cd 35 so I start to test around then every other day. good luck :) If you don't get a positive result then you should go see a doctor it could be a thyoid problem?


Chrissy - June 1

their are alot of ovulation charts online that could help you out. You put in how long your period is & etc...Good Luck!


irini - June 7

Milissa after how long time did you get pregnant?how long time did you use ovulation predictors?



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