Help from anyone who knows/thinks they know what I should do
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Jenna - April 6

Hey- Last night my fiance freaked out, I ate popcorn and was dipping it in devils food chocolate pudding, but it is what I was "craving", He said, "I don't see how you cannot be pregnant the way you are eating.". I was like I dunno to me it is VERY GOOD AND DELICIOUS....Well yea, also I was mixing alot at dinner time too, mashed potatoes, white gravy, and macaroni & cheese, he had to turn his head because it was making him sick..Another thing I am always craving is CHOCOLATE...all the time. Could I be pregnant? I am scared to take a HPT because I don't want to see # 1millionth & 1 -ive.....It upsets me when I do see a -ive, because we have been chosing baby names for both a girl and a boy, but still nothing yet. I don't know what to do now...I started my period 4-4-2005, but then I lost all hope to being pregnant, but can I still be pregnant or what? I looked on the internet and there are articles that say you can be pregnant and still have a "regular" "month-to-month" period....what are ya'll thoughts on this matter?.....*peacefully waiting*....BABY DUST BABY DUST BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!


Jenna - April 6

Okay no one cares, is there another site I can find actual help ?


erica - April 6

Was your af normal?


Jenna - April 6

what is AF??


katelynn - April 6

AF is "Aunt Flo"... your period. It is possible to still be pregnant if you have a period. This happened to a friend of mine. Take a test if you want. However, I don't think I'd get my hopes up too high just based off weird food cravings. I randomly get odd food cravings and have gotten a million negative tests too! Baby dust to you!!!


Jenna - April 6

Yea I was 4 days late


to jenna - April 6

usually if you are pregnant you would have tender breasts, nausea, constipation, ....the list goes on, cravings usually happen later on during pregnancy.


Jenna - April 6

Okay, well I dunno....I have been nausiated and all, my back hurts and i have pains on my left side.....


Curious (B) - April 6

Have you had a "normal" period ? Because it can be a miscarrige as well if you are 4 days late. Some people go about their lives not knowing they just had a miscarriage. Do a test - best of luck to you! Although, sometimes - I think since we want something so bad we tend to feel something we really don't - Be Careful! Your mind can play games on you!!


Amanda - April 6

Yes! My friend had a REGULAR cycle every month her entire pg.


Jenna-Response to Curious B - April 7

No my period is not regular I started 4/4/05, and now I am basically just spotting here and there....and it is 4/7/05, that is only 3 days, and my period usually last about 5 or more days at a time. Now I am scared that this could be the reason.If I take a test and have a +ive, could it still be a miscarriage?.....


Curious (B) - April 7

Yes, it could still be a miscarriage. Apparently, you will get a positive on a pregnancy test even if you have miscarried. I was told that several times and if you know your period is not normal and you are having all these symptoms you probably should take a blood of luck to you.


Jenna-Response to Curious B - April 7

Thanks girl, I hope I dont get that kind of bad news...omg I wouldn't be able to live with myself.....


Justine - April 20

Jenna - I got cravings straight away when I was pregnant - for avocados which I don't normally like very much. My cravings are very strong - I feel like I'd start shouting at random people if I couldn't get the food immediately. I don't do this of course but it goes through my head. It's not normal to have a period though when pregnant though it can happen.



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