Help! Could I be pregnant?
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Kay - July 3

I was on the depo shot for 4 years. Got last shot Dec.2, 2004. Was to get next shot Mar.2, 2005.
but did't. I only had 1 period a year. After I got off the shot I got my period on Mar. 12, 2005. Then I skipped Apr. Then in May I got it on the 15 th. I stayed on it for 6 days. And then I was ok for1 week 1 day. I started spotting on the 29 and it lasted a few days. Also during the week after my period we had sex. And then in June I missed my period.Now it's almost time for my second period.I've took 2 preg. test on Jun.21 and Jul. 2 both said neg. Could the depo have a effect on a preg. test? Somebody please give me some info!!!


Drew - July 4

From what I've heard about depo it stays in your system for sometime, and once you get off it, its hard to get your cycles back to normal and get pregnant. Your probably just late cause your cycles are so messed up from the depo. If you have taken 2 tests, they probably were right. If your really worried you can ask your doc for a blood hcg. Good luck :)


Kay - July 5

Thanks for your advice! I still have not came on my period.I've been having cramps like i'm going to start but never do.
I've also been having some headaches and getting sick .And sometimes I feel sick but I don't throw up.But my breasts are not sore.But I have been wanting some kinds of foods alot more.Does anyone else have any advice?



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