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angelblue - October 30

I am just starting to begin understanding the steps I will need to get pregnant. We know we will need AR, IVF and ICSI. I have estimates from this site of over 30 000$ in cost. I know its worth it, but how do I get there? I don't want to wait, I'm getting older and risk factors increase. Can someone give me direction on how one funds such a project when your annual salary is less than the cost? I appreciate any advise, I'm In VA. Thanks.


JC - October 30

I'd love to know also. I'm a cop and I did not join this profession for the If I find anything, I will let you know! I'm in Texas


Angelblue - October 30

Thanx for the reply.


My answer - October 30

We took out a second mortgage on our home to fund our two attempts at getting pregnant. We also ran up a few credit cards, used our gas card heavily traveling to and from Dr.'s appts., and my parents loaned / gave us money on a few different occasions. By the time we actually had our baby, we were horribly in debt for many years to come. Sucks that it works that way.


Mega - November 1

I actually read about a well-known fertility clinic in NJ that offers very low cost IVF services for women willing to donate 1/2 their oocytes to a donar who in turn foots most of the bill. It's the Cooper Center. You can look it up online. I'm in OH, so it would be quite far to travel but it's an option my DH & I have talked about. We just started IUI & I'm pretty confident it'll work for me but it's nice to know there are other feasible options out there. Angelblue, since you're in VA it might not be that far for you to travel. I think it's a shame there aren't more insurance programs out there offering more complete infertility coverage. But what can you do?! HTH! Good luck & baby dust!



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