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Aulani - March 17

Hi I stoped my Birth Control on July 30th 2004. Me and my husband waited to start trying to have a baby. My periods came regular for 3 months. We started in Nov. I got my period on Nov 25 to 28 and then in Dec I missed my period. Then I got my period on Jan 19 to 23. Then missed my period. Then got my period on March 5 to 8th and this was the most painful period ever!!. Please help me figure out whats going on. I bought a ovulation test to see when I was ovualting. In before my period messed up the ovulation test was really easy to read. Now that my period is skiping a month it shows that I have been ovualting for a whole month. I am so confused. Please help me.


Amanda - March 18

What kind of ovulation test were you using that were so easy to read?


Aulani - March 18

It was called Ovulation Scope a Saliva Ovulation test very easy to read.



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