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Molly - November 8

How is everyone?


Julie - November 9

To Sara: Sara, when did you take Clomid. I just started this past Monday night CD3. I am not monitored, but based on everything I have read starting early gives the best results. Just wanted to hear when you started?


dee - November 10

Hi everyone.. Slight ovulation pain- cd 19. If i ovulate this month i think it will be late. Last month i ovulated on cd 19.


dee - November 15

Where is everyone? The doctor had a cancellation so i am going in today at 4pm. New doctor, fresh start... At least i dont have to wait till 12/5/05


Molly - November 15

Hi Dee! I was wondering the same thing - everyone has disappeared! That's great news, I hope your new doctor is great! I am on cd 15, I think i am pretty close to ovulating - have been using an opk since day 10 and yesterday and today the test line was much darker than previous days. Not yet darker than the control line, but pretty close. BD yesterday and will again tonight and tomorrow, fingers crossed very tightly for this month! I was looking at the two lines on the opk and thought how amazing it would be if it were a pregnancy test! Can't wait to get those two lines! Hope everyone is going well


Jamie - November 15

have any of you while on clomid had af come late? I am only a couple of days late but am waitting a few more days before i go and take pregnancy test.. This is my first round of clomid and so i wanted to wait just incase i am off a few days that and i have never had normal periods..


dee - November 16

hi.. went to doc's yesterday with dh.she said i should stop taking clomid. my dh is the problem. he has a double defect with his sperm. he is going for a trial wash on tuesday and then back to docs dec 5th for results. she said the only way we are going to get pregnant is with IUI or IVF. really depressed today. i am angry at the other doctor who had the semen analysis for 4 months now and said there is a chance. made me take these pills for no reason. Furious... sorry.Hope everyone is doing alot better


Molly - November 16

Oh Dee, I am so sorry to hear about the news, but I guess at least now you have more of an idea what's going on. I would definitely be angry with the old doctor! What did the old dr say about your dh's sperm? Did he tell you there was nothing wrong with it before?I worry too about my dh, he had the test and it came back good, although with some having abnormalities - she told me they were nothing to worry about though - but i still worry that she didn't analyse it closely enough. What does a double defect mean? I wish i could give you some hope... try and keep your chin up... Jamie - my ccyle can be anywhere from 32 to 40 days - more commonly around 32 -34 days. Since on clomid af has not come late - it has been from cd 30 - 32 . I'm not sure about everyone else, but it has been coming earlier than normal for me - I have been on it for 3 cycles. Good luck!


de - November 18

Hi Molly,
The other doctor told me that he is borderline.Theres still a chance but he didnt tell me there was only a slight chance...


Molly - November 22

How you going Dee? I am cd 23, so a while to wait for me. Hope you are going well...


dee - November 28

I am doing fine Molly. AF arrived again. No surprise there i guess. Waiting to see the doctor on 5 Dec. One more week to go before a decision is made on which way we go... IUI or IVF. Hopefully IUI.


dee - December 12

well, i guess everyone stopped ttc if they
are not writing on this thread.... :)..
the decision is to try iui for two cycles and see what happens. dh 's motility has increased slightly. hoping that another month on zinc,vitaminc and vitamin e will do the job before we go and try iui. I know deep inside that iui will work. Hows everyone doin'?


km_hji - December 2

Hi finallyamomoftwins
Your story is definately inspiring. I recently got diagonsed with PCOS.

I have been trying to get pregnant using IUI since May.
First Month, doc induced my period with provera and took clomid 50mg(day3-7) and i had follicles which were 20mm by day 18 and we triggered my ovulation.
and then we had the iui done ....but of course didnt work

2nd cycle: 50mg clomid and femera and i had 2 growing follicles but just one got bigger and by day 22 it got 19mm and we did the trigger for ovulation. But AF showed up

3rd cycle: I had a heavy period. 50mg clomid , femera and after continuing the cycle monitoring, found out i have cyst so we cancelled the monitoring

4th Cycle: Induced with provera to get the period but i had very light period. I am never that light....but this time it was very light . I wud see it only when i wipe it and i had 100mg clomid, dexamethasone, gonal-f hormones injection. I had 2 follocles on both ovaries but i lost one and it dint grow beyound 1.1 cm so the doc canceled by cycle and he reviewed my file. he told me i have PCOS so he put me on Metformin right away and waited for next cycle. So another cancelled cycle

5th cycle : induced with provera and i had a very light blood again. I wud see it only when i wipe it . I was worried it will not work again...i was put on 150mg of clomid along with the metformin that i had been taken for the past month. Till day 15 my follicles dint even grow 1 cm. so now the doc is going to review me again tomm. After the metformin i had very high hopes for this time but i was very disappointed. Apparantely I have lazy ovaries.

This is such a tough journey. I wish noone has to go through these things ever.... when u know its a disease that is not guranteed to be curable.

Reading everyone’s post gives me so much hope. Now I have to prepare myself for a longer patience. It might even take a year.



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