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shirece - August 31

Hi gabby and molly!! i feel like i can fit into your waiting together lol. ive been ttc since april of this yr. im on metformin and clomid. i just started ovulating last month so we'll see in two wks if im prego.. GOD i hope so!! if not i'll keep trying. i havent had any side effects w/the meds unless i dont eat. you have to eat when on metformin. i've taken an ovulation test kit but its really no good b/c of the clomid and metformin the test doesnt work. so i would try tracking your bbt. im going to start tracking mine this month (sept). good luck to you both!! and ive also had friends that has had luck on clomid!! :) so thats good for us to hear. i know what youre saying about you hear all this stuff about stay positive and yada yada yada, but it is the negative that sticks for some reason. just pray and try not to stress (i need to take my own advice lol) baby dust to all!!!


Nicki - August 31

Hi, Gabby! I will start my 2nd round of Clomid in about 2 weeks. I have to take Prometrium for first 12 days of Sept. just to get my cycle to start so I can start taking it. I finished my 1st round and thought I was pregnant with no luck. I am hoping this time around will work. I have had several friends who have conceived on Clomid within the first 3 months - and one who has two Clomid babies. I know how you feel about the waiting as I can only take Clomid every other month b/c I can only take my Prometrium every other month! I know it will be worth it for us! Good luck!!


Cilla - September 1

Hi Gabby, Nicki, and all others

I am also about to start my first round of Clomid in about 1-2 weeks time. All depends on when AF gets here. My doc made me take BCP till next Wed to get rid of the cysts and then on day 5 I get to start. I don't think Clomid increases your chances of MC but if you have PCOS like me then I think your chances are slightly higher. Don't worry about that now though. Now we must just focus on getting the BFP!


Gabby - September 2

Hi everyone sounds like everyone is doing good so far. Molly MY Dr. told me to get clear blue for an ov. kit. I don't know if it will work. does anyone know the days a person ov. is it from day 10-15 ? I am so lost with all the days I have to count with every pill. I really need a "manager" to take care of me (ha ha) It's really good to read some of the positive things that clomid can do. shirence- the ov. kit didn't work for you then? I am on the same meds that you are on so maybe I should ask my Dr. about it? Hope everybody has a good night.
Baby dust and sweet dreams to all.


Molly - September 2

Hi Gabby! Ok - clear blue, I'll have a look for it - I live in Australia, so I am not sure if you can get that here or not, where are you from? Definitely worth a go though I guess - I'll give anything a try at this stage! My doc told me that day 14 is the most likely the time to ovulate - but to start trying around day 11 onwards. I start my first Clomid pill on Sunday, so I'm excited to start! Do you know when you'll start yours yet, Gabby? Hi Shirece, Cilla and Nicki - great to have some new friends! Shirece, do you know if the OPK is affected if you just take Clomid? I'm not on any other meds, so do you think it would work for me? I've tried charting my temps before, but they are all over the place, but maybe it will be different on Clomid? Good luck everyone!


SHIRECE - September 2

hi molly, no the ovulation kit didnt work for me so i stopped taking it. i've read on the internet and it says in directions with the kit that certain medicines can throw it off and clomid and prover are noted in the directions. you can try to take one it coudlnt hurt. i guess maybe mine didnt work b/c im on metformine too and was taking provera so thats 3 diff meds. but good luck to all of you!! i know we're all going to get prego soon and then we can share stories of our pregnancies..:) baby dust to all!!!!


Gabby - September 2

Hi everyone!!! NI am from Iowa. I should of atarted my period today. If I don't start Monday then i will call my DR. Then he will get me some meds to start it. Not much really going on right now so I will talk to you guys a little later take care all.


Molly - September 2

Hi everyone! thanks for your message Shirece, I don't thnik I will bother with the opk then... Maybe this month I'll just see how I go with 'practise' on day 11 onwards every other day. Then maybe if this month is no good again I'll give the opk a go then. It gets expensive too doesn't it with all the medication and pregnancy tests and opks etc. Has everyone had their husband/partners tested? My husband is getting tested this week, s I'm very interested to find out the results!


Gabby - September 3

Molly, How's it going How is everyone else. It is such a nice day outside. Molly My husband has been tested. Just for the activity of his sperm and the count. His sp. was slow but that was it the Dr. said it was not a big deal since he had a high count. How does everyone feel! Molly don't you start Clomid on Sunday wow. That's great. Let me know if you have any side effects. I hope everything does well for you this month. I will be praying for you and everyone else. Lots of baby dust to all.


Molly - September 5

Hi Gabby & everyone else! Yep, i started Clomid on Sunday and today will be my third clomid pill. I haven't noticed any big side effects, but I had a headache on and off yesterday, for some of the day and also the last 2 days I have had short pains in what I think is my left ovary... But no hot flushes yet - which seems to be the biggest side effect from what everyone has said. Have you started yet Gabby? let me know ehen you do - its so exciting! I'll be praying for you too, let's hope that this time next month we'll all be pregnant! Lots and lots of baby dust to you...


Gabby - September 5

Hay molly!! How r u? How's everyone else? I am late on my period but I know I'm not preg. In am going to ask my Dr. for some help starting my cycle for me so I can get this ball going. That's really good you haven't had bad side effects. I hope everything goes good for you this month. Let me know if anything happens.


Molly - September 6

Hey Gabby! I'm going well, how are you? Well, had my 4th tablet today, 1 to go tomorrow - still no side effects, except have been having some pain in my left ovary still. I wonder if that means it is working? Who knows? Have you seen your doc yet? I was lucky, mine came early this month, hope yours comes soon so you can start the Clomid... My husband was tested yesterday, waiting for the results - I am so curious to see how it is on his side! Hope you are doing well!


Nicki - September 6

Hi, everyone!! I am waiting to start Clomid in about 1 1/2 weeks. My af is due on the 13th. I bought a Clearblue ovulation kit, but I don't think it worked for me. They are too hard to read - and I am stressed out enough as it is!!! So, I bought a Clearblue fertility monitor on eBay. I am waiting to see how well it works...I will let you know. Sounds like everyone is doing good. We are all always playing the waiting game, huh? I hope the best to everyone and for some bfps to come our way SOON!!! I'll keep you in my prayers!!


dee - September 7

Hi girls. I am on my third cycle of clomid. Ovulated the last two and waiting for results for this month. They are due tomorrow. I had all the symptoms on clomid. The worst ones are the hot flushes and not being able to sleep. I think my husband has gotten used to the mood swings and crying for no reason. Molly, how are you going? I am also from Australia. Sydney to be exact. How old is everyone? I am on cd 23. Hoping I get pregnant this month. The doctor told me it will take approx 3 months if not I am to go back to him.


Gabby - September 7

Hi everyone. I talked to my DR. Yesterday and they said that they will start me on some meds to help my cycle get going. Dee hopefully this is the month wouldn't it be something if we all ended up prego at the same time!!! That would be great. I am 25 and I am from Iowa. I feel like I might be starting my cycle soon. I hope so I really want to get this going. Molly how was clomid for you any side effects yet. Good luck to all. Baby dust.


Molly - September 8

Hi everyone! Hey Gabby, I finished my last Clomid today... Last night I had a huge hot flush, only lasted for a little while, but i felt boiling hot! Ohter than that, I am feeling a bit strange today - not really 'with it' - but I'm not sure if that's the Clomid or if I'm just tired! Great to see that your cycle should be starting soon... Hi Dee, I'm from Sydney too! I am 27 and have been trying for approx. 12 months. Yeah my doc said that we'll try around 4 cycles and if it doesn't work I have to go back for more tests - hope it doesn't get to that! Anyway, good luck to everyone and keep your chins up!



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