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Gabby - August 18

I am going to start clomid next month. My husband and I have been tring for 2 years. i just want some hope does clomid reallt work!!!! Can some one tell me about there experience on clomid. It really sucks just waiting.


D - August 23

I can definitely understand ur pain,,but u have to wait.Clomid definitely helps in ovulation and hence pregnancy if ovulation is the main problem,,,is everything ok with ur partner.Make sure bcos one of my friend had partner with low counts and such people its tough but not impossible


Gabby - August 24

Thank you for your support. Yes my husband is fine for the most part we had him tested and they said he has slower sperm but it's is not going to effect us that much. I have pco and I do not ovulate that much at all so I really hope this helps. We started ttc on AUG. 20th 2003. so I really hope this works. we have done so many test and I pray something will happen. Thanks again.


CambridgeKate - August 24

I'm not on Clomid yet (will be starting in next month or two) -- just started taking Metformin for my PCOS (which may also help with ovulation). You may want to do a bit more reading on PCOS ( has a lot of info and forums)? I would also make sure your plumbing is okay (usually done via HSG). Good luck!


KellyN - August 24

I have a coupleof friends that have taken clomid, and did get pg. I was put on it (with avandia) for my pcos when I was diagnosed last month. This is my second cycle with it. Last cycle I had 7 follicles, and this month I have 5 follicles. My doc says I am responding well to the med, so that is good. Some people do not respond to clomid, but there are alternative ovulation drugs out there that can help, so don't give up hope - you certainly should have hope!!!


Lena - August 25

I took clomid for 5 cycles. The good is that I"m pg. The bad is that I had multiple cysts (including 2 34mm right now at 7 wks), it make me extremely nauseau (but not any worse than the morning sickness I now have), and I had slight ovulation pain that really wasn't bothersome. It was totally worth it.


Gabby - August 25

I ahve so many test done I have done the HSG test I did it last november. I have done too many test to count. know it just seems like a waiting game and I wish womething would happen.Thanks


Gabby - August 25

Thank you all for your support, it helps so much to hear all of the good things and some of the bad too just because I know someone else is going through the same thing (I am not the only one)
Thank you all and please let me know more!!!!!


jul - August 26

i took my first cycle of clomid this month, i will be able to test by the 28th for the first time im nervous about testing i guess too many let downs in the past yet i remain anxious~good luck to all of you


Gabby - August 28

Jul, Don't worry I know what you mean about being scared I am so excited to take clomid, but I am scared because I really want this to be the month. Everyone says that I need to just relax and let it happen(HOW DO YOU RELAX I WANT TO TELL THEM!!!!!) I just need something positive right now or I am going to lose it. I'll be fine it has just been a bad day thinking about everything. I am 25 years old and my Husband is 36 we have a 18 year old niece from his side that found out she was pregnate just before she graduated from high school. It is really hard to see her go through this when I really want to be pregnate. I am going to be a 25 year old great aunt befor I am a mother. We just got home from seeing her so i am really depressed about it. I just have to believe that it will be a better day tomarrow.
Double baby dust to everyone.


Molly - August 29

Hi Gabby! I know exactly how you feel, I am just about to start Clomid and I am anxious and trying hard to stay positive - it's hard isn't it! I have been trying for a year, but it feels like forever! I have heard heaps of positive stuff about Clomid - but I find the hardest thing is believing it can happen to yourself!


Gabby - August 29

I tottally agree!! I wish I caould hear about some more of the positive stuff about Clomid. Even if I did though it seems like someone could tell you a hundred positive things about it and that one neg. thing they say just sticks with you. Lets keep track of each other this month. when do you start clomid?? I start in about 1 1/2 weeks. Good luck and baby dust to you.


Molly - August 30

Hi Gabby! You are so right, I read success stories on the net and just think - but what if it doesn't happen to me. It does just take one negative thought to throw you off for the day! I start 50mg of Clomid for the first time in about a week and a half. Let's definitely stay in touch and compare stories. I am really curious to see if I have side effects... I hope it works! Good luck to you too.


Gabby - August 30

Molly. It worked for one of my friends!!!! Do you know what the m/c rate is when or if you concieve with clomid. I didn't know if it was higher or what. I am kinda nervouse but I hope i start my period soon so I can start this process. What ovul. kit did your DR. tell you to buy. Do you know of any really good ones? Have a good day. I think that our cycles are really close then. thats great
Baby dust to you


Molly - August 30

Hi Gabby! I think this month is the first for a while that I actually want my period to start! I was looking at the ovulation kits the other day, but I haven't got one yet - my doctor didn't tell me to get one, she just said to start trying aound day 14. But I think I will buy one anyway - did your doc tell you to get one? I've never used one before. From what I can remember reading the m/c rates are no higher on clomid, but I think that ectopic pregnancies are more common. Are you having your blood tested on day 21? Anyway you have a great day too!


Dak - August 31

Gabby, Yes clomid works. It worked for me after 2 years of trying. I conceived right after first cycle unfortunately lost the preg at 10 weeks on June 3 05. I have also taken it this month. This is 2nd af after m/c, today Aug 31 05 is my CD13. Have faith it will work for you. My friend who also got preg with 1st course of Clomid 50mg m/c, but 2months letter conceived again. Now has a 4 year old boy

Wishing you and all those ttc using clomid all the best so that they conceive. Think positive everything will be fine.


shirece - August 31

Hi gabby and molly!! i feel like i can fit into your waiting together lol. ive been ttc since april of this yr. im on metformin and clomid. i just started ovulating last month so we'll see in two wks if im prego.. GOD i hope so!! if not i'll keep trying. i havent had any side effects w/the meds unless i dont eat. you have to eat when on metformin. i've taken an ovulation test kit but its really no good b/c of the clomid and metformin the test doesnt work. so i would try tracking your bbt. im going to start tracking mine this month (sept). good luck to you both!! and ive also had friends that has had luck on clomid!! :) so thats good for us to hear. i know what youre saying about you hear all this stuff about stay positive and yada yada yada, but it is the negative that sticks for some reason. just pray and try not to stress (i need to take my own advice lol) baby dust to all!!!



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