HELP Am I ovulating?
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Nicky79 - August 28

My husband & I are trying for another baby, we have been trying for a few months but this month I have been using ovulation tests which are supposed to tell you when you'll be ovulating but I am due on my period in 7 days & the tests still haven't shown that I have been ovulating at all. I started doing the test on day 8 and now at day 22 it doesn't look like I've ovulated yet. . My cycle is 28 days and I know that the averege time you ovulate is 14 days after your period but it seems like I'm not releasing any eggs. Is this possible not to of ovulated yet or is it a waste of time doing these tests. Please help!!!


JerseyGirl - August 28

From what I have learned, I think it's possible that you did NOT ovulate this month. Strange enough, I know, but I am pretty sure this could be the case. Another wasted month, right?! Frustrating. Good luck.


MollieJo - August 28

I don't think the tests are always accurate. I got a positive LH surge with the brand Answer and never got one with the drugstore brands (walgreens and rite aid). I have also heard that some people don't ovulate every cycle too. Have you tried BBT?


slowpoke01 - August 28

some women dont ovulate every cycle. i would suggest having your progesterone level checked on cycle day 21 and that will tell you if you ovulated or not. anything 10 or below means no ovulation. if you are not ovulating they can prescribe clomid or femara to help out with that. good luck


Val - August 29

Actually, I had progesterone at 8.8 last cycle, which (according to my RE) indicates ovulation (although it probably also indicates that I have low progesterone which might impede implantation). A good site is - they rate opks and hpts for effectiveness. Charting your BBT is a really good idea. I use the dollar store opks and they always correlate with my temperature rise. It is likely that you are not ovulating, or it's really late this cycle. Best of luck to you!


Val - August 29

btw, it's possible to miss the LH surge if you test at the same time every day - it can surge and dissipate within 24 hours.


slowpoke01 - August 29

2 cycles ago my progesterone was12.8 and they didnt even like to see it that low they wanted it at least at 15 last cycle it was 27.8 this cycle i got a +hpt and just confirmed with hcg beta quantative blood test. my doc said anything under 10 means more than likely no i would talk to your doc about that because i got my progesterone up and got pregnant. good luck.progesterone is real important for implantation and it is wasy to control. you can take prometrium orally or vaginally or you can use progesterone cream that you can get over the counter. i would definitely do something about it because that is really low.


sargent - August 29

hi, well as others said you dont always ovulate every month. I went to CVS and they have a pack of 20 ovulation strips for $20.00 you can also go to a Dollar Tree and buy them for the same amount but i perfer CVS. They come together. You start testing the day after you stop bleeding and until you begain. I found mine this month so hopefully i wont have another period for 9 months. Good luck



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