Help - Major problem
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Sophie - August 26

My bf is 25 and im 18 , and 5 weeks wast our last time we had unprotected sex and i came off the pill 6 weeks ago, and 5 weeks after we had sex i have just came on my period today.

And im really really scared that i could be infertile

Can anyone help or give me suggestions, Thanks !


Alycia - August 26

Sophie - It's WAY too early to worry about something like that! Even couples your age take six months to conceive on average. PLUS, women often take a few months to ovulate after going off the pill. I had a period five weeks after going off it, but I hadn't ovulated. I did ovulate the second month, but not everybody does. Don't worry yet!


Sheree - August 26

Yeah.Don't worry.My husband and i have been trying for the past 4 months, and believe me, getting pregnant isn't as easy as your mother warned you against!I'm still waiting in anticipation to get the positive sign.Hope it happens to you without too long delay.



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