HELP!!! Im very confused!(unable to get pregnant)
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Tatiana - April 27

I am 20 yrs old and for the past 2 yrs ive been trying to get pregnant. For some reason nothing has happened. I also have very irregular cycles. I havent had any profesional help becauseI don't have insurance. I also tried to read other blogs with questions similar to mine but i couldn't really understand all of the abreviations. Something like TTC and HSG. PCOS, OD & CD??/??
Im very very confused... I was also thinking of getting a DNC. I was told that it raises your chances to get pregnant...!!! I really need help... If somebody can help me i would really apreciate it!!!


smp - April 27

Hi Tatiana, I just got diagnosed with PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome. I was told by my dr that my ovaries are not regularly producing eggs and thats why I have irregular cycles. I'm not saying that you have the same. The best thing to do is see a ob/gyn. I hope that helps.


Hannah B - April 27

Tatiana, I am with SMP and think you should go and see a OBGYN first. At your age you should have already had your annual women's exam. You don't want a D&C. That is a procedure that is performed on women who are having a miscarriage to remove the fetus. Now you can have an HSG done to see if your uterus and tubes are okay and if so normally when that procedure is done it increases your chance for the next three months. I really do think you need to go and get checked first. You could always go to planned parenthood if you don't have insurance.


Tink - April 27

you do NOT want a D&C, that is a procedure to remove a fetus that has died. it is a procedure to remove tissue after a miscarriage and it can cause scarring and damage possibly. it is a full blown surgery, so if you don't ahve insurance, you definitely don't want this- they won't give you one unless you have miscarried or chosen to abort a pregnancy. it is not something that helps with fertility. please please read up before you say things like that. a D&C is something people do not CHOOSE to have on most occassions. TTC is trying to concieve. HSG is a procedure where they run fluid through your fallopian tubes to make sure your tubes are open and not blocked. if your tubes are blocked or scarred, it can prevent pregnancy. this is a procedure done at a hospital and again, isn't cheap, so usually insurance is a good idea for an HSG. CD is cycle day- cycle day 1 is the first day of full fledged bleeding for your period. you need to be tracking your cycles in order to try and get pregnant. you should get a calendar and mark the first day of your period, write down all side effects or symptoms you have- you can use a thermomter to take your temperature each morning before getting out of bed to get your basal body temp. you should track your temperature each day and mark it down. you will be able to tell when you are about to ovulate. on oaverage, most women ovulate around cycle day 14, right in the middle of your cycle, 2 weeks before your period starts again. these few days are when you needd to have sex, these are the only days you can get pregnant. so that is a way to start. your OB/GYn can give youa little calendar thing to track your temperature with at home, it is a grid. you can look up and they tell you how to track your temp and what it means when it goes up or dips to determine when you ovulate. for your young age and just starting out to understand how you even get pregnant, tracking your temp is a good starting point. i would definitely try and get insurance or at the least consult with an ob/gyn, you should be having yearly pap smears at your age anyways, as well as standard STD/HIV testing etc.


Tatiana - April 27

OMG!!! Thanks everyone... Tink thank you for taking the time to explain everything to me !!! I really apreciate it... I was so confused with everything. Thanks againg!


Apalonia - April 27

Now I am confused. Isn't the DNC the test where they run the dye and the HSG the acronym for the trigger shot to make you ovulate?? Whatever th test is that they check your tubes is the one they say halps you get pregnant because it flushes them out. But it is just speculation.


babyfever2006 - April 28

The HSG is the procedure where they run the dye through you. I had it done in March b/c I had been trying to conceive for 8 months with no results. I became pregnant 3 days after I had the HSG procedure done.


Apalonia - April 28

Hey, Baby,
Am I a loser or what. I cannot keep my scronyms straght. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that my braincells are deteriotating!!!! It must be all the hormones.


Tink - April 28

Apalonia, baby is right. HSG is the dye through the tubes test. i forget the actual real word for it and would have trouble spelling it too. lol. The trigger shot most commonly given is Ovidrel (brand name). and the D&C is not DNC, it is D and C, as in dialation and curterrage. A D & C is also known as a dilation and curettage. It is frequently performed when a pregnant woman is known to have suffered a miscarriage, blighted ovum or missed abortion (Where the baby died but a miscarriage- as in expelling the fetus or tissue did not occur. naturally). A D & C is not always necessary after or during a miscarriage. Hope that helps, there are so many acronyms to remember- this site has a list of lots of them



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