HELP!! i want to get pregnant
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Anny - November 7

ok,,,now im a very healthy person and my husband is healthy also but we'v been trying for 4 or 5 months to get pregnant and i dont know whats happening. Now i have been getting massive headaches lately and feeling extremely tired and sleepy. like saturday i spent all day sleeping but i eat normal although i have gained some wait but it could be do to just eating alot. i dont know. but last time this happened i went and took the test but was not pregnant :(....someone please talk to depressed i dont know what to do.iv even cried! i need someone to talk to please sorry


Anny - November 7

can someone guide me with understanding the shots you all are talking about?is that to get pregnant


marhar7106 - November 7

My husband and I just started trying to get pregnant and I'm already stressing because I don't have my period, but hpt's come up negative right now. I know how stressful that is for me so I can't imagine how stressed you must be right now. But, the key is to try to relax because stress can actually make it harder to get pregnant and it can also stop your period or delay it which can lead you to believe you are pregnant, which might be what's happening to me right now. But hang in there and don't lose hope! It will happen! Just think, some people have been trying for years, so months isn't too bad, right?...i know it's still tough, but it sounded good.


Anny - November 7



slowpoke01 - November 7

anny- most docs wont consider any tyoe of fertility treatment such as injections, clomid, or any testing or anything until you have been trying for at least a year. i know that it seems like 4 or 5 months that it should have happened by now but most mornal couples that are young and have nothing wrong with them dont even get pregnant until they have been trying for a year. dont lose hope it will happen. also like marhar siad stress can cause alot of problems when trying to conceive so try to relax and enjoy it all. if after you have been trying for a year nothing happens then go see an RE they are more aggressive than a regular ob/gyn. i love the RE that i have he listens to me and he explains everything to me where i can understand it all and then he lets me decide what course of action to take and he ansers all of my questions when i have some. if after a year of trying nothing happens then they will want to do testing. hsg dye test will probably be the 1st one. they put dye into your uterus and see if it spills out of your tubes. if it doesnt then you have a blockage in your tube. if it does then they go on to other tests..they will check your progesterone to make sure that you are ovualting. this is a blood test. sometimes the ovulation tests will show that you are ovulating but you may not actually release an egg. before they put you on any injections they will start you out on clomid or femara which are practically the same thing. the ony difference is that clomid causes mod swings in a lot of women and femara doesnt. they will usally try clomid no more than 6 cycles. then they may move to something else. be sure that if you get on clomid that they do follicle growth studies. this is a vaginal ultrasound where they check and make sure that you dont have cyst on your ovaries and they check to make sure that your follicles (or eggs) are growing properly and they will also check you uterine lining to make sure that it isnt too thin. maybe this will help you understand some of the things on here in case you may need to go through it later. good luck


Tammy276 - November 8

anny, it takes the average healthy couple with no fertility issues 6 months to a year to conceive. Sure, you hear about couples getting pregnant on their first try, but it is just luck. There are so many factors that come into play when getting pregnant..... Give it some time, relax and don't stress out about it too much. Stress isn't good for you while ttc. My husband and I after having my son (who is now 2), never used protection or birth control....granted we weren't trying to get pregnant at first, but we weren't preventing either and it took us until december to get pregnant again (after actually trying and charting for a couple of months), then I had a m/c in January and got pregnant again in June. It just takes time. I know it is hard when you want to be pregnant and you get that negative test each sucks...but hopefully it will happen for you soon. Just keep your head up and enjoy the bd'ing and ttc :) Good luck and babydust to you.


marhar7106 - November 8

Anny, I'm glad it helped a little. And I just got my period today so now we know I'm not pregnant, so here we go into month number 2 of trying. If you need someone to talk to about this you can e-mail me anytime at [email protected] I was in tears today after finding out it didn't happen on our first time. I know it sounds stupid, but it's hard not to get upset about something you want so badly. Hang in there. i'm going to also. Good luck and baby dust!


desparate4babyLA - November 8

I'm 24 years old, and have been ttc for about 4 years with my husband. I've had all the blood tests done, a hysterscope dnc in order to help, been on multiple bcp, provera, and seen 4 different docs that all say my blood work and ultrasound look great, but still no baby, I found Ovulex online and started taking it 2 days ago, has anyone ever heard of it or tried it, I read about alot of success stories, and one doctor told me it was something to consider because it was nothing but herbs, anyone have any more advice for me?



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