help...first response ovulation predictor test
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Sandy - September 11

has anyone used this test....i tested to day and i had a dark line and a light line...the test said that does is a - when should a get a + sign ?...and should i have sex now are wait until + test...somebody please help me...sandy


mama-bean - September 11

you have O'd when your results line is DARKER then your reference line. Unless he has issues, it is pretty safe to have sex every other day, although if you have sex the day you get the + and the day or 2 following, you should be good.


Sandy - September 11

my reference line is darker thanmy test does that mean i am at the being? and should i have sex today are wait for the to dark lines?


Kay - September 11

If one line is faint, then you are not surging yet. You can have sex everyday unless your man has sperm issues.


Sandy - September 11

Kay...girl thank-you so much...i feel like i am trying to past a test i have read some of everything....i should pass with flying colors...i really wish they had a chat room for people like us....but anyway thank-you



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