help? could I have ovulated on CD9??Taking Femara
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elle - February 21

Hello everyone. I have started my first round of femara this month (day 3-7). I am currently on day 9 of my cycle and I am feeling the twinges in my left ovary as if I am ovulating. I am not supposed to go to my RE for u/s and bloodwork until day 11. Could I have ovulated? Does Femara make yyour ovaries feel like this. I hope I haven't lost a cycle. Ahhhhh!


jcr - February 21

I took femara and my re nurse said that femara usually doesn't make you ovulate earlier than normal. It just helps the eggs. Hang in there it is a couple days before you go in. If you have concerns call RE and she can do an ultrasound to see where you are earlier. Have you done any opks?? Do you have any ewcm? It may be a good egg growing and getting ready to pop for you! fingers crossed. Femara was my lucky drug, worked 1st time!! Hang in there.


elle - February 22

Thanks jcr. I actually went to my RE's office today....just in case. They did an ultrasound and I do have two ripe eggs. I never had ewcm before when I was on clomid, but it certainly feels like I do now. I go tomorrow for bloodwork and another u/s on Thursday. Congrats. for you!! Are you prego or have you had the bambino?


lisa_sc - February 22

Hi elle. This is also my first round of femara. I go for my ultrasound tomorrow afternoon. I'm on cd11 now. We can wait together if you like. I guess it helps when you find someone who is going through the same exact thing at the same exact time. How long have you been ttc? Let me know how it goes. Good Luck



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