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tt - June 8

my husband and i have been trying to conceive for several months. I thought i had started yesterday i wiped and it was light pink. I had no more bleeding until this morning and it was the same just when i wiped and haven't had any since not even wiping or on a panyliner. could i be pregnant?


Nena - June 8

Wait for another week and than take HPT. I've read that amny woman in this site have implantation bleeding. Just relax and wait. *!*!*!*!*!!*Baby dust*!*!*!*!*!*!*


Nena - June 8

Sorry, I meant MANY women experienced this and they were pregnant.


tt - June 8

I hope so...I was just worried because i have always had a regular period and this time i was four days late and then i had the light pink wiping. This will be our first so I am new to this. Are you ttc?



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