Help! AF won't start!!!
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newmommy - June 24

Okay, so I know usually we all pray for no AF, but I'm a little opposite this time around. I had a m/c in March, and then got AF April 28, 6 weeks after D&C. But I haven't gotten AF since--it's been 8 weeks!!! I had a pregnancy blood test done at 5 weeks after the last AF, and it was a BFN, so I'm not pregnant (no symptoms, either.) So what's going on???? I'm anxious to start using the Clearblue Easy fertility monitor, and can't even use that until AF starts!!! How can I get pregnant if I never get a period???


Tammy276 - June 24

Maybe it is possible that you didn't ovulate, or ovulated way later than normal? I know, it stinks. I had a m/c in January, and my cycle has been wacko ever since then. Now, I have like a 38 - 45 day cycle, and it was shorter before the m/c. Your horomones can still be out of wack, just like if you went full term, so don't get discouraged. Talk w/ you doc. They may be able to give you a certain type of progesterone that will start your AF. Ask them about it. I started using the cbe monitor after my m/c because of the long cycles, now I know exactly when I am O'ing. Haven't had any luck yet. I am on cd 2, so we will try again w/ the monitor this month. Good luck to you.



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