Help!!!!!!I'm running out of time
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am - April 21

Please help!!!! I have endometriosis and went to my doctor a week ago and was told that had 4 to 6 months to get pregnant and then she was going to send me to a fertility specialist and they would probably want to do surgery b/c I have already had 2 surgeries, been on lupron, and probably 6 birth controls. And basicly there is not much more they can do for me and my husband and I had already decided that I would go off BC and just see if I could get pregnant and not really stress about it until I graduated nursing school in 12/07. Well now we want to do everything we can so that I don't have to have surgery. My question is if you all can give me some advice. I found this out in the middle of the week that I should have been ovulating so we tried during the rest of the time. I bought an ovulation kit and was wondering if anybody could give me pointers on using it. And then I wanted to make sure if you are supposed to try during the 12-17 days of your cycle. I just finished my BC on 03/26 so I am not sure if my cycles are regular or not. Also I wanted to know if it is really helpful to use robitussin or not and if you are supposed to have sex every day or every other day. Any pointers ya'll can give will be very helpful. Thank you.


newmommy - April 21

I would try charting, so that you can learn more about what's going on in your cycles. I resisted at first, but I love how much I'm learning about my cycles now. Get the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility---it's a GREAT book, and so much help! FYI, don't just narrow your trying to days 12-17, especially if your cycle could be out of whack. I've been ovulating at about day 26, but this last cycle I o'd at day 19. Definitely try the opk's. There should be a chart in the box on when to start using them in your cycle. Keep in mind, you may need more than one box of them if you're not sure of your cycles----I've gone through 3 boxes in one cycle before! :-) As for having sex, my fertility doc says every other day so sperm has a bit more chance to build up. If you know your DH has a high count, you could probably do every day or so, but if not then every other day is probably good. Hope this helped a bit. Good luck!


am - April 22

thank you for replying any more tips you have will be helpful



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