Help!!! , blocked tube & IUI
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Worried - December 12

Hi everyone - just a quick question, I am on cycle day3 of my period also taking clomid50 mg 3-7 and metformin1000mg a day, I'll be seeing my fertiltity dr. on cday11 to get hcg shot to get ready to perform my first IUI procedure this month. I have pcos and my left fallopian tube is blocked, is IUI the right choice? what is the success rate with a blocked tube? How do you know from which side you are going to ovulate on?


isa - December 12

Not sure about some of your questions but I know which side I"m going to ovulate on because I go in for ultrasounds starting day 3 then 7, then 10 and then every day until I hcg it so they can makes ure my eggs are the right size before I realease them and they dont miss my ovulation. I produce on both sides but one side is always more dominate and I get larger and more on that side and each month it seems to alternate. good luck, sorry I cant help with your other qu's


bump - December 15




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