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Halle - June 29

Have irregular periods, maybe 2-3 a year.. horomne imbalanace ob/gyn says ... can I still get preg? and how can you tell when you're ovulating? and do you get nausea and gassy-feeling in your stomach if you're preg?


Honey - June 29

Hey hella,nausea n gassy feeling could be bcoz of irregular periods n some food also cause that too.U can still get pregnant.Ask ur doc to give u some medicine to keep ur period regular n secodly when u have more discharge than u regular have that mean u r ovulating n also u feel more turn on.I hope that helps!!!!


Nena - June 29

Yes you can be pregnant but you have to be treated with medication to regulate your period and ovulation and than sure you can. ;o)



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