help 26 days late neg hpt 2 weeks ago.!!!!!!23 day cycle
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r - August 19

i have a 23 day cycle my lmp was 1st july 2005, my next one after that was due 24th july, well it never came since then i have been getting increased cm very creamy lotion like. and some cramps on and off but no period then on tuesday 16th aug another period was due as it had been 23 days but no blood instead on monday i spotted on and off this brown stringy stuff til wednesday and then the lotion increased cm came back. i had some cramps with this and i am still getting them on and off.but the spotting has gone now. i am tired more than usual, i sometimes am getting this headache bhind my eyes but nothing bad. i did a hpt about 1 1/2 weeks ago and it was negative then i went to doc and negative too. i need to know if i really could be pregnant i ovulated on 10th july and i have been ttc for 14 boobs are a bit achy when i spotted but are better now my nipples are itchy.i have never missed a period and i am regular.what am i to do peoples resonses would be appreciated. i would be 8 weeks pregnant now. but how can it not show up i will do a hpt tonight since the last time i did one was at 2 weeks late.


bump bump - August 19

some1 needs to answer this


dear r - August 19

go for a blood test and find out if you are pg. if not your doc should run tests to find out why your periods have not come. good luck. Also start charting your temps and see where they are. it might help determine in the future when you are pg as the temps stay high when your pg and you will know if you are pg even without a test. good luck but dont let it go any longer without seeing your doc.


To r - August 19

I agree, you do need to see a doctor to make sure everything is okay. My sister-n-law skipped a period last year while trying to conceive. Her doctor told her that it is not uncommon for a women to skip a period as long as it is only one. Your body has to have a period to clense itself. Twice in my life I started a week early and a week late. My doctor told me that sometimes a womans body ovulates early or late and sometimes more than once. Good luck and Baby Dust!!


r - August 19

i ovulated early on the 10th and my period was due on the 24th thats early. so im def late.i have skipped 2, no blood jus brown spotting beginning of the week, and after sex a little but went away. my period ws due again on the 16th they are every 23 days still hasnt come.i have been ttc for 14 months


D. - August 19

I agree that you need to get your doctor to do another test then to jump start your cycle if you aren't pg. I know you believe you ovulated, but I'm thinking that your body gave you all the signs but didn't actually release the egg. That's a guess of course. Do you chart your cycles?



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