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pinkbo0tlace - June 19

I feel as if I am right at home on this forum. haha. As we are humans, we tend to make mistakes. That's basiclly how to learn and mature. Here is my story, and I hope you can please help me. I just really need a friend right now...No judging please, my ex was a jerk, lol. I don't remember when exactly my last period was, but I know it was sometime between 21-25 of Feb. I think I was fertile 9-13 of March. Me and my boyfriend were having a lot of sex, sometimes with a condom, sometimes half with the condom and half not, and sometimes no condom at all. We got scared because of all the unprotected sex we've been having, so on the March 13, I took the morning after pill. I was really depressed about how things where going with me and my (ex) so my friend invited me to her party. Well, that party turned out to be one of my first times getting drunk (i'm 19) and I thought i'd be a wild child for a night and forget about the problems with my (ex). So, I ended up doing the unthinkable...and cheated. That was March 16. Me and that "one nighter" DID indeed use two condoms (one got dry), and I do remember him having a hard time "getting" hard but as you imagine, it got there. I have had two ultrasounds. When I was 6 weeks the ultrasound said my last period was the 22 of Feb and that I conceived March 5-8, My second ultrasound said I concieved on the 10 of March. Please help me. Is this too close for confort or would you be really confident it was the ex's? Thanks


slowpoke01 - June 19

i would say that it was the ex's if you used condoms with the one nighter and the condom didnt break if you ovulated on march 13th the egg only lives 24 hours so i would say that it was the ex's since you had sex with 'one nighter' on the 16th noone here judges this is a pretty good support system on here



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