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Mrs. Mitchell - October 25

Ok I feel weird asking cause I don't think it can happen, But I feel like I am pregnant again. I had my son Dec of '02 an have been on the DEPO for almost 3 years. So my question is can you get pregnant on the shot? I have everything but morning sickness. Plus, The way I found out I was pregnant with my son was a blood test. My pee test was neg. Please Help!!!


miss ledger - October 25

i need ur help me n my bf have been together a yr n 2 month not used contrecption and wi both now the outcome but i havent bcome pregnant once can u help me on findin out y wen he ejaculates in me it always cums out within 2 seconds of movin is tht a reason


S - October 25

Miss Ledger, You need to learn how to spell! That was the hardest thing ever to understand. If he is your boyfriend, how about getting married first before you try to have a baby?


Shame on you - October 26

S, what a horrible thing to write. What's the point? This website is here to offer support to one another, not to judge one another! To Miss L, try putting a pillow under your bum for about 10 minutes. Some will always come out but you need to use gravity! Don't pay any attention to people like S. :-)


Rowan - October 26

Mrs. Mitchell- my friend got preggo on the depo shot and had another one get preggo on the pill. Contraceptives aren't always that reliable. I would schedule a blood test just to be sure and to ease your mind.


me - October 26

As you all probably know already, any birth control is only 95-99% effective when used properly, Depo included. Yes it is always possible to conceive using birth control. As Rowan, suggested, get a blood test done to confirm your pregnancy. Good luck! PS- I am a horrible typist too, so forgive the mispellings :)


Mrs. Mitchell - October 27

Thank you guys so much I just need others opinions Thank you THank you



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