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Cathi - January 4

My Husband and I have done it for about month every night and were not pregnant. We been try for six months. Any ideas?


jg - January 4

Every second or third night is apparently better as it gives the sperm a chance to build up again, and the sperm do live for a few days inside you so that is enough. Do you know when you ovulate? You can buy an ovulation kit (it's like a pregnancy kit) from the supermarket or chemist to let you know when you are ovulating, and on the strongest day of ovulation, or the day before is the time you need to do it. Doctors will not generally worry about testing further until you have been trying for at least 12 months unless you are older than about 35. There is on average only 20% chance each month that you will fall pregnant so in the grand scheme of things, unless you think there may be a specific problem with you or your husband due to symptoms like irregular periods, pain during sex or very strong period pain, you don't need to worry yet. Good luck.



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