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kelly8 - June 23

i charted my bbt temp and it has stayed high for a very long time like 48 days i showed my gp and she sed that really to put it nice it is a waste of time i was period was 3 weeks late and it only lasted a day and a half. please try and help me thank you


Jill - June 24

Have you taken a pregnancy test? My doctor told me to start charting my bbt because they are accurate. Have you taken any fertility drugs or anything else?


kelly - June 24

i have just finshed my 3rd round of clomid,i took my bbt chart to show my doctor as it has stayed high and she basily told it is a waste of time because they are not accurate and u can not get a real reading from them .i was so upset i asked her wot am i to do now she sed wait till u she ur gnyo which is 8 weeks a way any advice wud be great thanks



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