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Jenna - June 14

for the past 2 months me and my hubby have been trying to get pregnant i am scared cuz i dont know if i can get pregnant cuz my sister and mom said they got pregnant so easy and i have a friend who is pregnant and she said her guy didnt even cum in her and it makes me so sad when i get my period i dont know if i am havin sex at the wrong time or what but can any1 please help me


Gina - June 14

Hey Jenna... not to worry, there are many things that could be affecting it. You could be having sex at the wrong time. Have you tried taking your temperature, checking cervical mucus, or using an OPK to see when you are ovulating? Also, were you on the pill before? That is a problem I am having, I think I am still not ovulating because of it. Hang in there. Try doing some of the things I mentioned to monitor your cycle. You can also get a program to help you monitor your cycles and determine when you are most fertile ( Hope this helps, keep me updated!


jenna - June 14

no this may sound stupid but i dont know when i am ovulating so i just try and have sex everyday when then i read tody that wasnt good you should have sex every other day cuz of the guys sperm count or sumthing and no i have never been on the pill and i seem to be pretty heathly i do smoke and drink SOMETIMES so i dont know if that is it or if i just cant have kids


Gina - June 14

Well, you have only been trying for two months, so I wouldn't get discouraged yet. Having sex every day is a bad idea, it oftentimes doesn't give the sperm enough time to regenerate. Ovulation is suppose to begin 14 days before the first day of your next period. If you are on a regular 28 day cycle, that is two weeks after the first day of your last period. When you ovulate your temperature should rise between .4 and 1.0 degrees the day ovulation starts. Check your temperature with a digital or basal body thermometer (found by the pregnancy tests), these both show minute changes in temperature. You should check your temperature at the same time every morning, just after waking up, before you get out of bed. Write it down every morning on a calendar. When your temperature rises, you are ovulating. You can also get the Ovulation Prediction Kits (OPK) at any drug store, they are with the pregnancy tests. They work just like a pregnancy test, instructions are included. I would try both of these things, and decrease the amount of sex your are having. Besides decreasing sperm count, it could begin to become a chore for you and your spouse, which will make it unenjoyable. This should be an enjoyable process for you. I hope this helps. Let me know how things go!


sue - June 14

it seems that when people want to have a baby they dont but the people that dont give a shit always get preg i have noticed that with my friends one friend has been preg 7 times and she is only 19 she has 2 kids got 4 abortions and she is pregnant now and it pisses me off because people like you and everyone else on the board actually want kids and my friend doesnt care she is just a lil girl having babys


Gina - June 14

I totally agree with you Sue. I wish I knew what it was so easy for other people, who don't even want it to happen, and so hard for some of us others. Also, I hate that people who don't want to be pregnant keep having unprotected sex, or just aren't careful enough, or are having sex period when they get pregnant so easily! Sometimes the world seems so unfair... let's stick together and keep our heads up!



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