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maria tili - April 26

i have been trying to get pregnant for the past 6mnt and i have poly overies wat can i do.


Melissa - April 26

Maria, I'm not sure what a 'poly' cyst is (not sure what type it means). But, I do know there is medicine your doctor can give you to ensure ovulation even with cysts.


heather - April 28

hello have u told your doctor that u are trying to concive.your doctor will give u sum tablets to help you concive if u need of luck


~K~ - April 28

Maria Tili... Dont put so much emphasis on the past 6 months. What i mean by this is some women try to concieve to years. I mean all the way up til the time docs tell them that they cant concieve because of there age. 6 months is really not as long as its sounds. There can be multiple reasons. I have PCOS and got pregnant but unfortunately it resulted in a M/C. My husband and i went to see a fertility doc and she put me on metformin and clomid. My first cycle of clomid was yesterday so i have 4 more days on that pill. But it can also be if you have recently went off Birth control. Maybe your timing your ovulation wrong or maybe you just need a lil push from the doc. Maybe talk to the doc to see if metformin or clomid is right for you. Maybe see if there is a reason that he can see on a sonogram. I know that things will work out for everybody... we just have to be patient. I try and be as patient as possible but everytime one of my friends tells me they are pregnant it kicks me right off of being patient and right back to square one. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]


LR - April 28

I have been trying to get pregnant for over two years- I am seeing an infertility doctor and taking shots with IUI-just hoping that I will get pregnant-It seems like I am trying everything-Does anyone have any suggestions-


mi4 - April 28

I have been ttc for 9 months. I have polycystic ovarian sydrome. The only thing that I am having trouble with is ovulating on my own. I have ovulated the last 6 months on Clomid. You shouldgo to your doc and find out what the next step is, whether you need aid to ovulate. Also its a good idea to get a HSG done to make sure there is no blockage. I had one done this month. They say chances of getting pregnant after a HSG is high because it kind of flushes out your tubes.


Tanya - May 4

Maria, I wish that I had an answer for you. I am in the same situation but I am diagnosed w/ PCOS. Im 22 years old and married for 2years.Finally when we decided to try to get pregnant I was told that I had PCOS after months of trying w/ no luck. I was told that clomiphene may help and also ganadotropins. You may want to ask your doctor about this medications. If they work let me know.


louise - May 5

i ha that to and for the past year be trying to get pregnat then i went to the doctor to give me some drugs and im now 4 months


jilly - May 5

what is the average time it take to get pregnat with pco?anyone know and what should i be eating.ive been trying for a yr and no luck.



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