Hello everyone. Let's have a baby!
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Jennifer - July 27

Hi. I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now. Visited the OB/GYN - went through testing. Had the diagnostic work done and Friday have the follow up appointment. So far nothing is wrong but still nothing is happening. Please let me know your thoughts and how you are dealing with not being pregnant. Thanks! Good luck to everyone.


Jen - July 27

Hi Jennifer-
My husband and I have been trying for 2 years now. Like you, we've had all the testing done and they couldn't find anything wrong with either of us. We've gone through 6 months of clomid, 2 months of Follistim, and 7 iuis and still no pregnancy. I won't lie...it's frustrating! Some days are better than others, but you just kind of have to take one day at a time. It's so hard to explain how it feels to other people who haven't been through this...which makes getting the chance to share and listen to others here so helpful. I've never wanted something more in my whole entire life than having a child, which I'm sure you can probably relate to, too, but man is it tough when everyone around you seems to be getting pregnant so easily and they constantly tell you to just relax and it will happen. Ugh!! I'm sorry, I just realized this isn't much of a pep talk...hang in there! I hope you get great news at your appointment on Friday. Good luck to you, I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything will go your way soon! Let me know how it goes!


Jennifer - July 27

Thanks Jen!
It seems like every time I turn around someone is pregnant. It is tough. I know the problem isn't with my partner as he has a child and my ex's did too. So I know it has to be me but when they tell you there is nothing wrong-it's very confusing and frustrating. I also am keeping this pretty much to ourselves (a select few know) that way the "sympathy" every month when your period comes and you are depressed doesn't occur. I have searched a few sites but nothing seemed interesting. It seemed like every one who was going through the testing comes up pregnant. Well all the more reason to have lot's of sex! lol. Gotta keep your spirits up.


Jen - July 27

You're smart to keep this to yourselves. Unfortunately I'm too big of a blabbermouth and I never expected it take this long, so most of our friends and close family knows our struggles. It's nice to know that they care, but as you said the monthly sympathy gets actually kind of irritating after awhile!!


Jen - July 29

Hey Jennifer-
How did your tests come out? I've been thinking about you today and hoping that everything came out okay. Just let me know!


Amy - July 31

Hello, i just wanted to wish you girls the best of luck. My hubby and i just started trying to have another baby. This here will be our second month. I am now waiting for ovulation to get here so we can start trying again. I hope everything goes well for you girls and lots of baby dust your way. Take care:)


Jen - August 1

Thanks, Amy! Good luck to you too! I'm in the same boat, just waiting for ovulation so we can get going again this month. Fun, fun, fun!


Jennifer - August 2

Well it wasn't what I had expected. Apparently there is adhesions causing the infertility. We must go to a specialist. Has anyone else dealt with this? Did you get pregnant without IVF? I really cannot afford to go through with IVF. My doctor said that after they flush the tubes women usually get pregnant. I am hoping htis happens. I have been very emotional over the weekend.


Jen - August 2

Jennifer- I'm sooo sorry that your news wasn't the greatest. Although my situation is different, I have had my tubes flushed with an hsg...is that what they're planning on doing? It's alittle crampy, but not bad if you take ibuprofin before hand. Anyhow, I know a couple of people that did get pregnant right after this procedure and I just read last night about it being a high percentage of women that get pregnant right after an hsg. So hang in there, there's hope! Also look at it this way, although it sucks to find out something is wrong...if they know what's wrong they at least will have an idea in what direction to start treatment. Keep your chin up..things will go your way soon.


Jennifer - August 2

Yes I had that procedure done last week. I am hoping that I do get pregnant. There is nothign else wrong except for the adhesions. I am just beside myself now. I guess hearing that made me feel miserable. We will give it 2 months. If still nothing we will call the specialsit. Thanks for listening. I am glad you guys are here. I get to hear how other people feel and deal with this. :)


Jen - August 2

I'll keep my fingers crossed that the hsg really cleaned out your tubes well and you'll get pregnant quickly. Having the option of going to the specialist on the backburner is good too- that way you know you still have options and you don't have to put a ton of stress on yourself about whether it works or not. I saw a specialist for about 7 months, and although I never got pregnant..I can't tell you how many happy couples I saw leave that office! For me, I responded great to all the fertility drugs, but although my husband's sample was in the normal range, my doctor felt it was on the low side of normal and that is our biggest problem. So we quit treatment in March to save up for ivf. I know you probably don't even want to think about this yet..so sorry, but we've found that a few places actually offer money back guarantees for ivf if you don't get pregnant and deliver within 3-4 attempts. It's alittle more expensive up front (our insurance covers nothing) but if it doesn't work at least we'll have the money back to put towards adoption. Hang in there, Jennifer! I definitely know how it feels when it seems as if you'll never get pregnant. We just have to keep smiling and think positive. Thanks for listening to me babble, too!


Jennifer - August 2

Thanks. Good luck to you. I am trying to do a little more research and I am not getting much information. So I am taking it one day at a time.


Jennifer - August 4

Is there anyone who has gotten pregnant with adhesions or after surgery for the adhesions? Please let me know.



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