heard of unicorn root?
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claudine - May 20

have anybody tried to drink herbal supplement called unicotn root? they said that it's good for women TTC coz it regulates hormones and prepare the body for pregnancy...Kindly post your info about this.....i really need to know if anybody there tried using this stuff....


maya - June 4

hi claudine, i haven't use unicorn root but i read a lot of good things about this herb, it is called "female herb". Some herbalists recommend the root for menopausal symptoms and to treat ovarian cysts. It has even been recommended for normalizing hormone levels following oral contraceptive use.
it is commonly used to treat menstrual abnormalities and other complications arising from imbalance of female hormones including dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) and other irregularities of menstruation, as well as to prevent miscarriages.Hope this info will help you


dawn - June 4

Hi Claudine! I have never used unicorn root, but I do know of a nutritionist who grows his own herbs and formulates them. I took 2 other herbs that he formulated and was preg in 2 1/2 months. I called the nutritionist and he told me what he thought would be best for me. If you would like more info or the phone number you can email me at [email protected]. I will be glad to help you!


Jess - June 5

Dawn----what other herbs besides the unicorn root did you take??? Please give us the scoop!!


dawn - June 5

Hi! The herbs that I took were called Angelica Root and Hers. The hers has several different kinds of herbs in that promote fertility. they are both in liquid form. I had to take 1 tbs of one in the am and 1 tbs of the other in the pm.


nancy - June 21

i'm taking unicorn root right now...still don't know the result but hopefully i'll be pregnant soon. Dawn gave me the info about herbs and want to give it a try also.


rach - June 21

can you buy them on the internet?


Nancy - June 21

No....i just called the farm and order the herbs....



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