Heard of ovulex?
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Tiffany - April 9

Has anyone heard of or used ovulex? I read about it on the internet and it sounded like a miracle but I am skeptical. Any info would be useful


may - April 10

Hey! Started taking Ovulex this month and I am due to start or be preggo on Thursday. I will definitely let you know. We have been trying for over a year and nothing seems to be really wrong so i thought I would give this a shot. They also sent like 26 extra pills. So really they could last me through one whole cycle and up to ovulation of another. Who knows what will happen but I will definitely let you know!!!


Cutie - April 11

HI Tiffany,
Please see massage in this forum called OVULEX can fix infertility, you will find a lot of useful info.... God Bless., Love, Cutie



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