healthy pregnancy after ectopic?
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shann0125 - March 9

Just this week i was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy. I received my first injection of methotrexate today and am hoping to see a decline in numbers to avoid surgery. :( This has been so unbelievably devastating and heart breaking and now my mind can't help but go to the future. I'm so afraid that this is a sign of things to come and that it will happen again. Has anyone had a successful, healthy pregnancy after having an ectopic? How long did it take to get pregnant again? How soon after did you start to try again? Has anyone had difficulty getting pregnant after an ectopic? I'd really appreciate stories from both sides...hopefully more positive!


danistar428 - March 10

Hi Shann0125~This is actually my first post to this site, and I can't exactly answer your questions, but I can relate. I had an ectopic in late Oct 06, surgery Nov 4, 06. Obviously, the surgery required some recovery time and the doctor told me to wait atleast 3 months. I don't know if that time frame would be different with just methotrexate. I went on BC from then until the end of Jan, had an HSG on Feb 2 which showed both of my tubes were clear, and now DH and I are actively trying. My doctors assured me my chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy were good, but I wouldn't expect anything other than that so early in this process. I think the major factor is whether there is any damage to your tube and the increased risk for another ectopic. I'm so sorry for your loss...I know how devastating it is. I hope to be able to share good news over the coming weeks. God Bless


Boo b do - March 11

Hi Shann0125, I had an ectopic and lost one of my ovaries, (which is where it was growing. I had similar symptoms (bit of brown blood loss) around three months later, went to the dr's who sent me straight for a scan. They found I was pregnant with twins and the blood loss was because I was losing one of them, but my surviving son is now 13. I did not even know I was pregnant. I was about 5 weeks according to them. Good luck ttc. Baby Dust


dlongen - March 13

Hi shann0125 - I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2005. I was administered the methotrexate, but it didn't work completely, and then my tube ruptured and I had surgery and lost the tube. With that surgery, my pregnancy chances decreased 40%. According to my docs, my good tube is capable of catching eggs from either ovary, but naturally has better odds of catching eggs from the same sie ovary. I started trying to conceive again about 4 mos after the ectopic, and with the help of clomid, I conceived last March and now have a beautiful 3 mo. old girl. So, it may take a little help, and more perseverence, and a few ultrasounds to determine which ovary is producing in which month to know your best-odds, but you can have babies! Good luck and baby dust!


dlongen - March 13

I wanted to post one more time to you...on the devastation. It really is awful to deal with the ectopic. I was a mess after mine. Losing the baby is SOOOOoo hard, especially after trying so long to get pregnant. Then, on top of that, you are recovering from surgery or nasty chemo treatment. Beware if you feel any bad cramping in the days/week following your metho shot to not hesitate to go to the doc. My tube ruptured and I thought it was just cramping after the metho treatment and I lost a LOT of blood and had to stay in the hosp for a week and have a blood transfusion. So, listen to your body this week and don't take any chances! On the emotional stuff...know that therapy really helped me...I went through a stage of hating all pregnant women, and I guess that's normal. My therapist suggested I memorialize the loss and so I got a beautiful rock to put in my garden. It helps. I hope you have help if you need it, emotionally, and am glad you're reaching out through this forum. Happy bubbles to you...


shann0125 - March 14

dlongen, thank you so much for your encouraging words. its so nice to be on here and to hear from people who understand the devastation and the sadness. congratulations on getting pregnant. you've really given me hope that we will get pregnant again. i kind of lost hope, but im feeling better now. thank you again!
im actually cramping today, with a few very quick and short stabbing pains. im going to see my doctor in the morning and we'll see what she says. im also having my day 7 hcg test tomorrow to make sure my levels are dropping. i'll keep you posted!



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