Healthy Eggs?
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M.R. - September 22

Are women born with all healthy eggs? Can healthy eggs be ruined by unhealthy diets, smoking and alcohol?


lone_dove - September 23

hello M.R, well if you smoke your % rate of having a baby will go down and as for the alcohol if you are only having 1 a night you should be fine. Women are born with eggs but im unsure that all of them are healthy, I dont think diets has anything to do with this but i am me wrong


Gia - September 24

Hi! A woman is born with all of the eggs that she will have in her life time. Yes they are all healthy as a newborn and the health of your eggs can be effected by many things. So eat healthy dont smoke and drink as little as possible. Also dont use any ilicit street drugs. Just try to be as healthy as possible to prepare your body for conception.


elizabeth - August 1

foods, drinks, and overall lifestyle affects healthy eggs in general and can sometimes leads to infertility in the long run. hope this helps!



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