Healthy diet and IUI
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Lizzy4 - March 16


I did 3 failed IUI's last year and we're starting the next round of IUI's in April. I'd like to try and change me and dh's diet to boost our fertility. (Dh only has 1% good Morphology and Motility) Any suggestions on what to eat and what to avoid?


cromwell - March 16

OMEGA 3's. Fish oil definitely. The younger RE in my practice told me he started taking fish oil, L-carnitine, L-arginine and zinc


cromwell - March 16

Whoops, for some reason my computer just sent that one right on without me. He took all that and you should also do omega 3's and iron, plus all the usual. Acupuncture has worked for other ladies on the boards. My dh has some issues also and I think the water here has a lot of pesticides in it--so bottled water if you can. Hope this helps.


MTRAV - March 16

i hvae been diong accupunture they say it increases ur chances i would into to it.


Lizzy4 - March 19

Mtrave, I've heard the accupuncture works, but can't find anyone who does it here. (I live in South Africa). I've never thought of the pesticides in the water, cromwell, thanks for pointing that out. We'll definately switch to bottled water from now on. I'm actually taking L-arginine at the moment, as I've read somewhere that it apparently boosts your egg quality. Does it help for sperm as well?



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