hcg trigger shot
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tryingat40 - March 22

It's been 11 days since I got the hcg trigger shot. AF is due this weekend. Do the hcg shot effects last 11 days? I am lightheaded, crampy and have sore boobs.


Jodie - March 22

I was wondering the same. I am 11 days past to and my boobs have baan so achy..tired...and cramps off and on. I took a test and there was a line just very faint...my dr. said it could last up to 14 days???


tryingat40 - March 23

My doctor said the same thing.
Doesn't it make you crazy? You get a shot of the very thing that you're testing for.


tryingat40 - March 23

Jodie.....are you also waiting for AF this weekend?


jodie - March 23

Yes I am .....Hope it stays away though...far far away!!!


tryingat40 - March 23

Good luck, Jodie! I hope she stays away from both of us! Stay positive.



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