HCG still in system 13 days later?
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Chas - April 11

Hi all of you who have had this shot to trigger ovulation... when does it totally get out of your system? I got a faint line on a hpt tonite at 12dpiui and 13 days post shot. What the chances of it being real ?????


baby1234 - April 11

I would say pretty good! The hcg in your system decreases by half every day. I bet you're doing the math in your head now, right? :-) If you get another positive tomorrow, then I would say you're pregnant for sure! Keeping my fingers crossed that this is your month!


cspears99 - April 11

Hi I think its pretty good too, I checked mine everyday after my shot with a pregnancy test and stayed for about 10 days then went completely negative so I would think its out of your system, it may be real good luck!!!! how exciting!!


Sonyamac - April 11

HI Chas, go back to IUI part 2 thread and read what I got of a BABY Hopes.com about the hCG shot, I copied it and pasted it there on APRIL 4th...it says can be in your body until 14 days after the shot...I think that you should test today!
Good Luck and keep us posted!
Sonyamac..BABT DUST!


Chas - April 11

Sonyamac, I did read that last night about 14 days being the max it can stay in your system. Today is day 14 and there is still a line. I am going today to get a digital test and maybe call my RE and see what they say. Thanks everyone!


Mega - April 11

Good luck Chas! Sounds promising that the BFP is for real! :) I think a digital test is a very good idea, they tend to be less sensetitve. Clearblue Easy is pretty good!


Chas - April 11

okay, I got the clearblue digital and it says pregnant!!!! Is this real ???? I called my RE and waiting on a call back I don't want to get too excited just yet.... Please pray for me !!


Sonyamac - April 11

Hi Chas, I just read your BFP news! I am so happy for you! Isn't it just an amazing feeling! CONGRATULATIONS to you and your DH! I am sure that you are just shocked! Lots of hugs, Sonya


baby1234 - April 11

Yea! Congrats! Have a happy, healthy pregnancy!


Mega - April 11

I think it's for real. At like 14 DPO, the trigger would just barely (if at all) be in your system. And CBE HPTs are sensetitive to 50 HCG & above. Which that far post trigger, you wouldn't have that much residual HCG left over. So yay! Congrats! Let us know what the RE says. Keep us posted on your beta #'s. How exciting!


Chas - April 11

Thanks everyone for your support! I went to my RE today and got blood work. I am anxiously now awaiting a call. I haven't said anything to Dh yet. I want to be sure! Gosh, I wish they would hurry up and call already !!!


cspears99 - April 14

Hi Chas I was curious did you hear are you pregnant?? good luck!!! :-)


Chas - April 14

hi cspears, yes I am pregnant but I am hoping it sticks. My two Betas were 50 and 85 44 hrs apart. My nurse said it should have doubled to 100. I get re-checked again on Monday. I am scared.


cspears99 - April 15

Hi Chas congratulations!!!!! :-) don't stress yourself out, it will work out, I am so happy for you, was this your first cycle of trying?? did you use clomid with iui or gonal f??? good luck!


Chas - April 15

This was my second IUI. First one with Clomid. I had three follies. Thanks for the confidence. I am hoping and praying everything works out!


cspears99 - April 18

Hi Chas I was wondering how you were doing if you seen your dr? hope everything is going well, let me know, Cheryl



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