HCG Shots anyone?
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jennifer28 - February 22

Im getting an HCG shot on Friday and was wondering if anyone has had to do this. Thanks so much!!


lilly2 - February 23

Hi jennifer28, I had last friday hcg shot ina my arm.It is totally painless injection, you wouldnt feel anything.It helps you to ovulate between 24-36 hours, so you should have timmed intercorse or IUI during these hours.I am doing tomorrow my progesteron test after IUI last friday.Good luck to you.


jennifer28 - February 23

Thanks! I hate getting shots :) Good luck to you as well lilly2!


jcr - February 24

Had my first hcg last cycle. It was easy-I too hate needles. Get the one that is the syringe is all preloaded it is much easier. Dh gave it to me in the belly. I got my bfp this month and I swear I owe it to the hcg. I finally knew exactly when I ovulated. Goodluck and bellyrubs


jennifer28 - February 24

Thanks! Any side effects from it, besides getting pregnant?! Im hoping this will finally work for me. Congrats on your BFP!!


jcr - February 24

no side effects that I remember! I started testing at 10dpo, got a dark + then it got fainter then darker!!! So the first was probably still the hcg in my system. Hang in there bellyrubs!



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