HCG-shot OUT of system by??
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Lucky - August 12

anyone experimented with this (by actual blood test or HPT's) to see WHEN hcg shot actually leaves body for an accurate pregnancy test, I'd love to hear from you!! I had a 10,000 u hcg shot and was advised to wait till 14 days after to take a blood pregnancy test. Well, I couldn't wait and tested on 9dp shot (while having other blood work down, asked for hcg test also). It came back at 7 HCG units. Could this mean anything?


thayward7 - August 12

I haven't tried it, but I have read that for a 10000 shot, you do need to wait 14 days to be sure. I have a lower dose shot and read that I have to wait at least 7 days. Anyway, hopefully someone has some better info for ya'! Smiles...
- T


slowpoke01 - August 12

i had the shot tuesday tested wed i think and it was + tested today and it was - so it is only in your system a few days i think


Lucky - August 12

thank to both for your replies. how large a dose was your shot Slowpoke, do you know? 10,000 u i think is max


slowpoke01 - August 12

i am not sure they didnt tell me but my doc said that they dont have a synthetic lh so the hcg mimics that and it is like when you pee on those opk and get a + and the + is only there for 2 days that is similar to the trigger shot and that it is only there a few days


isa - August 14

Hey lucky i had my iui's with 10,000 hcg shot and 14 days after hcg shot I had 3.3 still in my system and 16 days I still had 2.2 in my system. I was not pregnant. 2 other times at 14 and 16 days past shot I had between 2 and 3.2 in my system so it is all different for everyone. Hopefully your 7 will keep rising and you are pg. good luck baby dust toyou


DB - August 14

I'm not sure about your test results...I had a trigger shot and tested (hpt) on 9dpo and got bfn, 10dpo and bfn and 12dpo and bfp. My hcg was only 25.2 on 13dpo, so yours could rise quickly in the next few days...I think technically anything about 5 is maybe pregnant, but my RE says it has to be over 25...Are you going back again in a couple days. Mine started low and i'm 16 weeks now. GOOD LUCK!!! Hope you are pregnant!!


Lucky - August 15

Thanks DB and best of luck w/ your pgcy! I was planning on another blood test today to compare values. however for last 2 days I have all types of AF crampy symptoms so I'm pretty sure it'll be a waste and i may as well wait till wednesday b4 testing again! thanks again for sharing this info with me!:)



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