hcg shot and hpts
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T.T. - October 30

I took 2 hpt 1at 11days and the other at 12 days past my hcg shot came back with a faint positive line should I believe the results


To TT - October 30

I have read that it takes anywhere from 7-14 days after the shot for it to get out of your system. It just depends on the person. I would take one again at 15 days, and if that one if positive I would fall off the pot in excitement and then run to the phone and make a dr. appt! Good luck! I wish you the best! Baby dust!


T.T. - October 30

Thanks for your response I have an appt. first thing in the morning with my RE I am going to take a quantitative test
so I hopt i will be falling of the pot...lol



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