HCG Levels
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hills1717 - March 26

I have been TTC for 3 years now, the past year I have been on different fertilty medications. My last cycle started on 2/26. I took follistim for a few days, but had to stop before I had a trigger shot. Dr. said for some reason I had premature olvulation. I figured I could not get conceive because of the premature olvulation. However, I did. I took a pg test & was +. Went for blood test & they said my level was at 1500. Is this a normal level for 4 weeks pregnant?


tanner789 - March 27

well looks like you've proved drs arent always right and even if they give you no hope to try that month you should go ahead and pursue it, i would say by ur numbers ur definately pregnant and maybe beyond 4 weeks. congrats. when they said you had premature ovulation what cd was it, and how did you like the follistim, im on gonalf and may wanna look into something else. first month i overproduced 20 follies and was cancelled and this month im underproducing and have only 2 at 10mm and im already on cd 15 so if by wed they dont get more mature im afraid ill be cancelled yet again. again best of luck


hills1717 - March 27

This was the 1st month on follistim. I was on femara w/ IUI before (4 trys). I think the olvulation happened before cd 14. I liked the med. I had no side effects, felt much better on it rather than clomid or femara. On cd 12 follies were still small, so he up'd the dosage to 225. By cd 14, he said I had olvulated prematurely & it was to late for trigger or IUI. Maybe your Dr. could up the dosage? Good luck. Maybe this month will come through for you.


Mega - March 28

Congrats Hills! That's wonderful. As tanner said, you're proof for all drs know they don't know it all. I'd say 1,400 is definitely a good HCG value for 4 weeks + pg. I'm currently 14 weeks pg. I actually got pg naturally a few weeks after an IVF m/c in Dec. 06. I didn't know I was pg for the first few weeks, I certainly didn't think I'd have a natural pg with our male factor. By the time I had my BFP on a HPT my 1st beta was 2,491. Though we didn't know at the time how far along I was, based on u/s dating around week 8, I'd say for my first beta I was around 4.5 to 5 weeks. So you definitely sound on target for 4 weeks +/-. Will you go in soon for a 2nd beta to make sure it keeps rising? But overall your 1st beta is very promising. Again, congrats!



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