HCG Levels
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Amy - July 6

Can your HCG levels go from 1400 to 8 in three days--Im about 4-5 weeks along


Kelly - July 6


would check with your Dr. with the info I've read that may be a sign of miscarriage...not sure. The site I posted may help...


kc - July 7

at 4 to 5 weeks your levels should be in the 5 to 50 range which it is. I would ask the doctor questions since your levels are lowering drastically instead of increasing. This could mean several things. You could have been pg with multiples (giving you a high level in the beginning) and lost one, you could be having a mc or your levels are just acting goofy. I strongly suggest you go to the doc and ask questions. At 4 to 5 weeks your levels should be rising. They don't lower and stablize until 2nd trimester.



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